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True Fitness

True Fitness M30 Treadmill
$1,699.00 - $1,798.00
$1,999.00 - $2,098.00
True Fitness ES900 Emerge Exercise Bike
$1,899.00 - $1,998.00
$2,099.00 - $2,198.00
True Fitness M50 Treadmill
$2,099.00 - $2,198.00
$2,299.00 - $2,398.00


True Fitness at Schellers - Lexington, Louisville, & Clarksville

While fixing his father's treadmill in the late 1970s, Frank Trulaske came up with an idea for a new business. Frank thought the overall design of the treadmill, which needed constant repair, was weak. He was sure he could manufacture a better product.

His strategy was to develop and position his treadmills as innovative and high quality products. After seven renditions of treadmill prototypes, True Fitness Technology Inc. was born in 1981.

True Fitness Treadmills at Scheller's - Louisville, Lexington, and ClarksvilleToday, over 30 years later, innovation across the full product line has made TRUE successful and is a trademark of the TRUE heritage. TRUE's patented Heart Rate Control® technology is just one of the remarkable ways they deliver simple and superior performance every user can enjoy, and most importantly, use to achieve personal health and fitness goals.

At the heart of TRUE’s success is the relentless and systematic life testing of both their products and their components.  They have dedicated employees who understand the philosophy to deliver the best products in the world.

TRUE strives to perfect biomechanically correct and orthopedically comfortable, functional products. Whether it is the mesh seat on the recumbent bike, the Soft Step® on the elliptical cross-trainers or the Soft System® on our treadmills, TRUE delivers the best.

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