Fitness Service

Please use one of the forms linked to the buttons below to initiate a request for Fitness Service or Relocating your equipment.

Fitness Service Request

Request Service for your Fitness Equipment. Have a question before you submit your request? Please call our service Department at 502-969-4100

Equipment Move Request

Need help getting your treadmill or fitness equipment broken down and ready to move? Or set up once you're there? 

Bicycle Service Request 

No appointment is needed. Drop off service is available during normal store hours.  If you have a question please complete our form, linked above.

Lube and Applicators Available

Scheller's Premium Treadmill Lubricant

Scheller's Premium Treadmill lube is sutiable for all treadmills calling for silicone or wet style… [more]

Scheller's Slic-Stik Treadmill Lube Applicator

Applicator for liquid lubricants for treadmills. Instructions included. Greatly increases the ease… [more]